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  • Parking at Absolute Cravings and Health Benefits from walking after a meal.

    At Absolute Cravings we do have limited parking onsite however within a short walking distance there is ample parking. I know it is a bit of a pain, but did you know however that walking after eating has some pretty series health benefits. 

  • Christmas catering

    At Absolute Cravings we offer a range of gorgeous Christmas catering. Whether you are having a family get together on Christmas day or a corporate function in December, we can help!
  • Effective Meetings Are Fueled By Healthy Catering Townsville

    Effective Meetings Are Fueled By Healthy Catering

    The foods we eat not only affect our appearance and mood, but they also affect our energy level, sleep schedule, and overall happiness. So check out our Absolute Cravings menu today to find meals you’ll enjoy and that will leave you feeling good.

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