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Effective Meetings Are Fueled By Healthy Catering Townsville

It’s no secret that Paleo, Keto, and whole food eating habits have many benefits. Most people associate these diets with weight loss, lowered blood pressure, and improved cholesterol. But there are some hidden benefits that aren’t so easy to see, and easier to overlook. The short-term benefits have been found to heighten mood and increase energy. These factors are incredibly important— especially when you’ve got important work to do. This is why catering your next meeting with Absolute Cravings Townsville can help you and your team stay on task and in a good mood throughout the day.

Low carb meals that contain a healthy balance of protein and healthy fats have been proven to help ward off post-lunch drowsiness. Plus, eating a lunch rich in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids can help your memory, concentration, and clarity.

What Foods Make You Sleepy

We’ve all been there: In an important meeting or under a quickly approaching deadline. We start out the day gung-ho and ready to rock— until lunch rolls around. The next thing we know we’re fighting to keep our eyes open and we can’t focus on much of anything.

Sleep habits and overall diet both factor into whether we get sleepy during the day. But another big factor is the type of food we eat for lunch. Carbs and sugars tend to give us an initial spike in energy, but it’s short-lived. This is why eating processed food (like fast food) tends to make us sleepy. Eating a healthy, tasty, well-balanced lunch can mean the difference between doing your best work on time or turning in sub-par work after the deadline has passed.

At Absolute Cravings in Townsville, we serve healthy, balanced food that is not only tasty but can also help you stay focused and alert throughout the whole day.

Something For Everyone at Absolute Cravings In Townsville

Many of our best selling meals include a balance of vegetables, unprocessed meats, and delicious seasonings. We also specialize in catering to those with special dietary restrictions or preferences. Simply tell us what you want, and we’ll make sure it’s delectable, healthy, and helps you and your team stay focused. 

If you’re looking to meet a particular fitness goal, we’ve got meals for that! Our Paleo and Keto menus you’ll find delicious choices to fulfill your cravings absolutely. 

We also provide catering options that include all the staples of a Paleo diet. Such as fish, meat, nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables. You can also choose from several different types of platters such as fruit, sweet, savory, and gourmet wrap platters.

Absolute Cravings Townsville

Whether you’re looking for a healthy meal for yourself, or you’re in charge of getting lunch for the whole office, Absolute Cravings in Townsville is your one-stop-shop. You’ll feel good about what you ate, and it won’t drag on your productivity and energy. 

Remember that every meal of the day is very important. The foods we eat not only affect our appearance and mood, but they also affect our energy level, sleep schedule, and overall happiness. So check out our Absolute Cravings menu today to find meals you’ll enjoy and that will leave you feeling good.

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