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What we offer

What does Absolute Cravings offer?

  1. Ready made meals - pick up from us or order online - different options every week,
  2. Fitness meals - designed to meet the nutrient requirements of those wanting to achieve fitness goals,
  3. Keto Meals - meets the nutritional requirement for maintaining Ketosis
  4. Salads - healthy and fresh,
  5. Treats - Raw, gluten and dairy free with no processed sugar
  6. Boxed platters - caters for 2 plus people. Choose from savory and desert options.

Please note: Ordering closes at two days prior to being ready for pickup. For more info check out our FAQ

What is Paleo eating?

  1. Paleo is eating whole un-processed foods like your grandparents mostly would of consumed,
  2. Avoiding grains, legumes, refined sugars and dairy.
  3. Why Dairy - we only suggest to avoid dairy due to some individuals have autoimmune issues from dairy.

Why Paleo?

  1. Improved blood lipids. High lipid protein (bad cholesterol) in your body increases your risk of heart disease
  2. Weight Loss
  3. Reduced pain from Autoimmunity
  4. Repair Gut health
  5. Increase nutrient absorption
  6. Reduce negative inflammatory effects

Please take some time and check out  "What is the Paleo Diet?"  by Robb Wolf


We go the extra mile when making our products.

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